What is an AltJew? A simple manifesto.

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On Twitter I am often asked: “What is an “AltJew”? “What defines you?”

Like the rest of the Alternative Right, it is easier to define what we are not, than what we are.

An AltJew stands in opposition to a callous Zionist establishment that ignores legitimate concerns regarding support of Israel while spewing unjustified charges of Antisemitism. AltJews necessarily live in the diaspora, and understand that support for Israel must be tempered with loyalty to the home country.

An AltJew stands in opposition to vicious, racist left wing identity politics that target non-Jews of European descent while insulating other groups from criticism. We recognize that such politics are inherently flawed and will be used to target Jews.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the institutional attack on Western Civilization coming from the Media, Western Governments, and Universities. This phenomena and those behind it are considered an existential threat to the Jewish community by AltJews who recognize the harm already done.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the hypocrisy within the liberal Jewish community. Calling for diversity while not living it, condemning antisemitism while insulting Christians, supporting groups that do not share Jewish values; the list is extensive. AltJews aren’t afraid to take an objective look at themselves, and listen to the criticism of others.

On these four simple acts of opposition I base the AltJew movement. Our goal is notoriety, and in the months ahead I’ll be adding articles and media commentary to achieve this goal. Thank you for reading!