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Yes, I’m still supporting Donald Trump. Of course I am! Nothing’s changed. Sure, plenty of angry Facebook messages, ultimatums. “No more sex/friendship/fantasy football/trivia nights for you!” I just smile and nod. Sure thing, folks.


Really though, nothing’s changed.


The “new revelations” concerning Trump’s personal behavior aren’t “new” in any real sense. We all knew he behaved this way. Women ask me “Is that REALLY how men talk?” It is, to a point, and it isn’t. Trump’s suggestion that he “grabs” women, perhaps without consent, takes his locker room talk to a cringe-worthy next level. It also changes nothing.

This election will have an impact on the fate of over 300 million Americans. If one truly feels Trump is better for that 300 million, what personal revelations can change the moral calculus? What if he’s a serial killer who has killed five people? Ten people? I’m not sure where we jump off this slippery slope, but we’re not close yet, not even in the ballpark.

The problems associated with globalism and the “Liberal Elite” haven’t changed one bit. Hillary still represents Wall Street excess, foreign policy arrogance and incompetence, a media/government/entertainment complex that seem to hate half of the American population; dying small towns, lack of real jobs, credentialism (needing unnecessary degrees/certifications), racial strife and violence, hateful identity politics. None of this has changed.

Trump’s racist, anti-Semitic, you say? Absolute nonsense. Pathetic, stupid, damaging nonsense. I’ve spent more time in genuine engagement with “anti-Semites” than virtually any Jewish person alive. They don’t like Jews, and they can’t hide it. Trump has spent his life around Jewish people. Every day he has intimate and meaningful interactions with Jews. The same is likely true with Hispanics, Blacks, any group you care to name. Trump, the media-hungry socialite, has led a far more diverse life than anyone reading this essay, and he did so for decades without accusations of “racism”.

Trump gives as a shot at turning back harmful trends. He gives hope to the half of our country that feels alienated, hated by the elite, and under attack. Every single day, our worldview is confirmed. Check out Lena Dunham’s latest “eliminate white people” video, then reflect on the fact that she’s a Clinton surrogate. The media has asked Trump to repudiate David Duke… will Clinton repudiate Dunham?

Liberals seem confused. Attack people based on their race and gender, and they will respond. Tell half the country they don’t belong here, and they will respond. Trump is the response. His personal behavior will never be as grave as the issues facing our country, so for those of us on his side, he’s still the best choice. Get used to it.

2 thoughts on “Still for Donald Trump”

  1. I came across your site after a Google search for “alt right jews.” I knew there must be someone else out there beside myself who is of Jewish descent & supports Trump & the existence of European Western Civilization. I take it a step further: I dis-identified from my tribe years ago.

    Your article in The Forward very much resonated with me. For a long time I have been participating on alt right sites & channels in private, & keeping my mouth shut in public. They are the only place I can find criticism of leftist politics that mainstream media won’t touch, brutal honesty, & interesting news. I find myself agreeing with much of what they say, even with their critique of Jews, while knowing I would not be accepted by some if I outed my past. This has surprised me. I suspect there are more like us in the movement.

    Part of family has already accused me of being a racist because of my political views & has shunned me. I have not revealed myself to my friends. It is somewhat isolating navigating these particular waters alone. I hope we can correspond in private about more of these topics.

    1. Thank you for this message. It can be very hard to be a dissenter, but when you know you’re right, it’s impossible not to be.

      Reach out to me on twitter! I’d love to speak.

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