What is an AltJew? A simple manifesto.

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On Twitter I am often asked: “What is an “AltJew”? “What defines you?”

Like the rest of the Alternative Right, it is easier to define what we are not, than what we are.

An AltJew stands in opposition to a callous Zionist establishment that ignores legitimate concerns regarding support of Israel while spewing unjustified charges of Antisemitism. AltJews necessarily live in the diaspora, and understand that support for Israel must be tempered with loyalty to the home country.

An AltJew stands in opposition to vicious, racist left wing identity politics that target non-Jews of European descent while insulating other groups from criticism. We recognize that such politics are inherently flawed and will be used to target Jews.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the institutional attack on Western Civilization coming from the Media, Western Governments, and Universities. This phenomena and those behind it are considered an existential threat to the Jewish community by AltJews who recognize the harm already done.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the hypocrisy within the liberal Jewish community. Calling for diversity while not living it, condemning antisemitism while insulting Christians, supporting groups that do not share Jewish values; the list is extensive. AltJews aren’t afraid to take an objective look at themselves, and listen to the criticism of others.

On these four simple acts of opposition I base the AltJew movement. Our goal is notoriety, and in the months ahead I’ll be adding articles and media commentary to achieve this goal. Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “What is an AltJew? A simple manifesto.”

  1. Your intention is good, but your apologist tone is unwarranted.

    No Jew on the Alt Right can fail to be a staunch Zionist. No Jew can sincerely believe that all peoples must strive to achieve self-determination in an ethnically homogeneous state whose aim is to advance the interests only of its constituent nation, while tempering his support for the historical reclamation by his own people of their own homeland.

    Like you, I am a Jew of the Diaspora, where I remain. But I am not a Jew of the Diaspora because the Diaspora is my home. We are Jews, and our home is in Israel, as it has always been. No matter how steeped we may be in the culture, customs, language and institutions of the Diaspora, it cannot be our home so long as we remain Jews. Instead, we ought to remain in the Diaspora because of the deep affinity we feel for the people of our host nations, and because it is their cause, not our own, that presently demands our sacrifice.

    As Herzl noted, the Jew has two choices: to return to Zion, or to cease to be a Jew entirely, either by death or assimilation. His words ring true today.

    As for the rest, Jabotinsky said it better than either one of us ever could:

    “As Jews, we demand all the rights of any normal people; chief among these, we demand the right to have our own villains.”

    To fight those villains is our task, as you are right to note.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I am a “staunch Zionist” in all but name. I am 100% behind the State of Israel, with many connections to right wing politics there. When I say I reject the “Zionist Establishment”, this really has nothing to do with policy regarding Israel, and more to do with behavior of those in the diaspora who call themselves “Zionists” and belong to Zionist organizations.

    I completely agree with your second paragraph, and it’s exactly how I see myself. A Jew who loves America and is presently putting it’s problems and struggles first. An AltJew exists for a particular struggle, we won’t be around forever.

    Thank you for your comment!

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