For those of you who follow me on twitter, you will see that my account is gone. I felt the need to do this because many of the comments I’ve made on twitter are simply too controversial, now that they have a wider audience. Also, Twitter was simply taking up too much time, and keeping me away from my writing. I will continue to focus on writing for this blog, and I appreciate everyone’s support!

On the Inside Looking out- A Jew among the Alt-Right

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On social media, I am often asked: “As a Jewish person, why would you identify with the Alt-right, aren’t they anti-Semitic?” I understand why people would ask, and why they see the alt-right as they do. To answer, I need to ask a question of my own:

What is antisemitism?

I favor Rothbard’s definition, slightly modified: an anti-Semite is someone who wants Jews subjected to legal sanction of some kind, as well as those who call for violence against us, qua Jews. This definition won’t help the mental tranquility of liberal Jews and Trump critics, seeing a deluge of frog-memes coming their way, but it helps me stay focused. I ask myself: Why do some Jews put so much effort into combating the Alt-Right for cartoonish memes, while ignoring systematic, institutional threats? Why are we, as a community, afraid of any reasonable engagement with people like this:

Is “Ricky” wrong? Does this dynamic indeed exist in our community? Are Jewish people not overrepresented in this great western push for “diversity”?



Again, is Ricky wrong? Mention the Holocaust this way and most Jews slam their minds shut. I can’t speak for Lena Dunham (thank G-D), but Ricky has his finger on a point here. I sometimes wonder what Jews who enthusiastically go on about “white privilege” think the endgame is. They seem to think this concept will serve to shut the mouths of middle and working class whites in flyover country, while liberal Jews hold the clipboards and direct victorious POC in a dismantling of “whiteness”. Privileges will be checked, and all will be well in the world. I don’t see it.

Consider the case of Eliav Terk, Jewish High School student in Texas. Complaining about fellow students posting anti-Semitic imagery on Facebook:

“School administrators informed him that no action would be taken. Terk was told by the administrators that the anti-Israel students must be excused for their behavior because they are part of an ‘oppressed and victimized’ people.”

This is High School! In the same national environment where saying “All Lives Matter” can lead to sanction,  posting “anti-Semitic” caricatures are part of being “an oppressed and victimized people”?

Does this look like the language and behavior of the Alt-Right? Where is the ADL to investigate? American Jewish organizations have made us look foolish, kvetching about Pepe the Frog and nasty tweets, yet when a Jewish High School student faces institutional discrimination, only the Israeli Press notices. The situation is much worse when we take a larger look at things. Jews are fleeing Europe, under constant attack by members of the Muslim community. Jews in higher education face threats, ostracism, and discrimination. Identity groups like Black Lives Matter have made Israel the ONLY overseas focus point, and this is replicated in Hispanic, Asian, and Muslim student groups. Considering the institutional fawning over identity groups representing “people of color”, this will not end well for Jews. Jewish groups remain largely ineffective in dealing with left wing intuitional and demographic threats. The Alt-Right is more observant:


If you’re still with me, the dopey ADL is clueless, the Alt-Right is nasty but redeemable, and left wing institutional power is the real threat. But how does any of this explain ME? Why can I swim in a sea of (sometimes genuine) antisemitism and laugh at it, while other Jews can’t stand to be called “Jew”? Why am I easily able to ignore the nasty language, stereotyping, and general hostility Jews experience from the Alt-Right?

Part of it is because I believe that what happened to young Eliav Terk is worse than a million Pepe memes. Part of it is because traditional Conservative politics have failed and offer no response to the left’s toxic identity politics.

But in the end it’s just me.

I enjoy the nasty talk in the alt-right. I enjoy spending rhetorical time with people who might otherwise hate me. The alt-right has energy, it has vitality, it’s something NEW and creative, it’s honest and forthright. It’s also the only viable political movement that is explicitly fighting for that nebulous concept of “Western Civilization”.

I have thick skin and a tolerance for others. Liberals like to imagine themselves “tolerant”, but real tolerance is in the ability to be around people who are different than you and still value them as people. I’m from a small town, and was raised around tough, rural whites who didn’t spend much time checking their privilege. I could have ended up a nice, sheltered, liberal Jewish boy, but poor choices and a wandering nature put an end to that. I’ve seen too much, experienced too much, to be bothered by memes. I’ve lived with and befriended people most Jews would dismiss, and found that the meanest and the roughest can hold forth with truth from time to time. As a community we’re quick to ignore certain speech because of who the speaker is. I focus on the speech.

Western Civilization is a good thing for Jews. Sharia Law, Political Islam, identity politics, and the collapse of reason generally are bad things for Jews. I don’t care if someone standing up to the left doesn’t talk like my mother. I don’t care if someone who wants to control European borders blames Jews for the Muslim influx. Time to grow some skin, and focus on the real threats. Pepe won’t bite.

What is an AltJew? A simple manifesto.

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On Twitter I am often asked: “What is an “AltJew”? “What defines you?”

Like the rest of the Alternative Right, it is easier to define what we are not, than what we are.

An AltJew stands in opposition to a callous Zionist establishment that ignores legitimate concerns regarding support of Israel while spewing unjustified charges of Antisemitism. AltJews necessarily live in the diaspora, and understand that support for Israel must be tempered with loyalty to the home country.

An AltJew stands in opposition to vicious, racist left wing identity politics that target non-Jews of European descent while insulating other groups from criticism. We recognize that such politics are inherently flawed and will be used to target Jews.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the institutional attack on Western Civilization coming from the Media, Western Governments, and Universities. This phenomena and those behind it are considered an existential threat to the Jewish community by AltJews who recognize the harm already done.

An AltJew stands in opposition to the hypocrisy within the liberal Jewish community. Calling for diversity while not living it, condemning antisemitism while insulting Christians, supporting groups that do not share Jewish values; the list is extensive. AltJews aren’t afraid to take an objective look at themselves, and listen to the criticism of others.

On these four simple acts of opposition I base the AltJew movement. Our goal is notoriety, and in the months ahead I’ll be adding articles and media commentary to achieve this goal. Thank you for reading!